My work can also be seen on my Facebook page @azsaphotography.

I believe that everyone deserves beautiful and authentic-feeling photos to preserve precious moments in their lives. It’s my goal to save these memories so that future generations can get a feel for how rich, emotional, and real our lives really were. They will see our best moments preserved in a way that conveys the true feelings associated with them.

If you’re interested in hiring me, check out my contact page! (By the way, I changed my business name to SA Photography, so my email is under the old name.)


Flower Ring CloseupIMG_2315IMG_0103IMG_0330IMG_1363IMG_9034


Marily & Kate (12)-2


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“Shannon was simply AMAZING! She was punctual, flexible, available, courteous, patient, enthusiastic, energetic, customer-oriented, and at the end of the day all she really wants is to see us happy and satisfied – even if it means bending over backwards many many times to put a smile on our faces. She loves what she’s doing, and that passion is evident in her work. Her energy and bubbliness is infectious! Thank you for not only bringing your A-game, but your A-attitude and personality as well! Thank you so much, Shannon & Richard! You made our day wonderfully special!” -The Castanedas, 5/15/18

“Awesome pictures, we didn’t have a photographer.  SA Photography came to our rescue. Did an outstanding job, and was very professional. Thank you SA Photography for our beautiful memories.” -The Sniders, 5/16/18

“Family photos are always stressful, but Shannon helped calm my nerves and was able to capture beautiful pictures of my growing family. She was super easy to work with and made sure I was happy with how the photoshoot was going. It was reassuring that I was going to get what I wanted. I highly recommend SA Photography!” -Shawna Walker, 12/11/18

“I had a great experience!! Shannon was wonderful. The pictures were beautiful. I have already recommended her to several of my friends.” -Tammy, 5/2/18

“Our engagement shoot was so fun! It was nothing short of a good time and the photos came out amazing! SA photography is definitely my go-to from now on. Super affordable and extremely pleasant!” -Shawn Coleman, 10/23/18

“It was a great experience! Shannon is so great, professional, energetic, and so helpful. I love how all the pictures turned out. I will be calling for all my future photo shoots and will also recommend her to anyone I know! I love SA Photography!” -Kathia McFarland, 8/27/18

“We had such a fun shoot! She was really considerate of us too, and great photos! We will definitely use her again! 😀” -Shelby Bussino, 1/13/19


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